Friday, 9 June 2017

HPC Laser Ltd (Laserscript) cw3000 vs cw4000 water chiller units

There are two chiller units that HPC Lasers LTD sells, the cw3000 (suitable for models up to 50w) and the cw4000 unit (suitable for models up to 180w).
The cw3000 uses a fan to blow air onto the water kept in the chiller this means that the water will not necessarily be cooled, in this type of chiller the water temperature will tend to match that of the room.
The cw4000 unit contains refrigerator gasses and does cool the recirculating water circulating
Both the cw4000 and cw3000 have a capacity of 5 Litres and should be filled to just above the cooling coils
Our chiller units are set up to maintain the water temperature at a constant 18 degrees the temperature is likely to increase under intensive use the chiller will alert the user with a beeping sound if the temperature exceeds 21 degrees and will display the error message E02 Should this error message be displayed the laser machine should be stopped immediately and allowed to cool.
If the temperature progressively loses its ability to cool then it may need its refrigerator gasses replacing. HPC Laser LTD can provide this service.
The chiller unit has its own pump if a chiller unit is fitted the standard pump is no longer required.
The chiller unit monitors the flow rate of water and it will emit a warning sound and display the error message E05 if the flow rate is too low, this could be caused by kinks in the water tubing or blockages in the piping, if the error message is displayed checked all the water pipes for kinks or tight turns and check the water quality, if the water is murky it should be replaced.
Available from UK stock and delivered via courier usually within 2 to 3 working days of your order.

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