Thursday, 12 July 2018

Laserscript water chiller units cw3000 cooler / cw4000 chiller

Some people ask why we don't usually offer the CW3000 chiller unless it is specifically requested. The photographs below explain a little more.
The CW3000 is a simple machine with a water tank, a set of coils, a pump and a fan. Ambient air is blown onto the coils with the aim of reducing the temperature of the water being pumped around them. The cooling is not particularly effective compared to the CW4000 and you'll see from the machine nameplate that it's only suitable up to 50W tube power. We've seen these used at much higher powers than 50W by other suppliers and we have repaired failed machines that have suffered a tube failure because the CW3000 couldn't keep up with the thermal demands of the tube.
The CW4000 is rated at 380W but practically we would recommend it up to 180W. The much more effective chilling effect of the refrigerant gas and compressor arrangement cools the water much better and provides better safeguarding for your tube.
The best solution ? Talk to HPC and we'll give you honest and practical advice gained from 12 years of experience.

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